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Speciality Services

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Ownership Development Training

For the small business seeking the jump to mid-sized, or the mid-sized firm experiencing upheaval; tap into business development expertise of our masterminds as we delve into the intricacies of your practice. We will work with you to identify areas of strength to be further fortified, deficiencies and their remedies, and cutting edge strategies to set your agency apart as a true player in the competitive ABA Realm. If you are intending to expand beyond your current state’s borders, this investment in agency development will be well worth your time.


 *Must Provide Airfare, Hotel and $2200 Per Day* 

-Minimum Three Day Orientation and Training-


Preparing to Sell Your Agency

One-on-one coaching for the owner desirous to sell a firm. Crash course on increasing value, what you’re really worth, and attracting the right buyer. NDAs signed prior to appointments to ensure confidentiality of all client information.


$1500 - Three and a Half Hour Specialized Consultation


Personal Speaking Engagements

Personal Speaking customized to your Firm's needs and audiences. Motivational Speaking, Inspirational Thoughts, and Interactive Engagement are formats that are available by request. Have a powerful speaker come and deliver insights from an eight-figure, successfully established Firm! Add to Cart and add a brief description of what the speaking engagement entails, and we will email you with an estimated fee, if any, will be associated with the request.


Estimate will be assessed once detail of custom speaking engagement for your Firms audience.


Company Leadership Training Seminar

Want to get specialized training for your round table? The BLAB Masterminds will personally come and conduct a full two-day training on the intricacies of leadership at the top of an agency. Your best and brightest will benefit from the motivational, creative, and intense approach of the White Rabbit, while the brilliance and poise of the Babydoc will serve as yin to the yang, providing a level of prodigious Behavior Analytic expertise mixed with business acumen far beyond the typical BCBA-D. Take your Firm to the next level by training your agency leadership.


Two Days - Two BLAB Authors

 $8000 + Airfare and Hotel.

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