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Moody Rabbit

Collin Streetman, aka The "Moody Rabbit", received his Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida and attained his BCBA certification in 2014.  He spent time at NOVA being groomed by Dr. Nathan Azrin, his assigned faculty mentor, who instilled in him a love of Behavior Analysis. Additionally, he learned tactics of Police Psychology under Dr. Vincent Van Hasselt, NOVA professor and Team Psychologist for the Hostage Negotiation Unit of the FBI Miami Field Office, and the FBI National Crisis Prevention and Intervention Program. Mr. Streetman has experience utilizing ABA interventions with children and adults with special needs, homeless individuals with co-morbid diagnoses, and adults with TBI. 


He is responsible for writing and procuring over $3 million in grant funds for many of the most complex children in Florida to receive ABA Therapy from expert BCBA-D’s, and in 2020, that grant was renewed by Florida’s Governor and Legislature for its fourth year. He has been active in philanthropic endeavors for over a decade. This includes serving as administrator for a homeless non-profit, Impact Family Ministries, as well as developing a homeless mission, Hope for the Hungry and Homeless (H3), which oversaw the monthly distribution of thousands of pounds of food and clothing. 


Through Hope for the Hungry and Homeless, he coordinated transportation, social services, and an ABA-focused housing intervention. Additionally, he has delivered hundreds of 30-60 minutes spiritual motivational speeches to those struggling with homelessness, youth with special needs, and local churches; his largest crowd was thousands at the SunDome at USF. 

Mr. Streetman’s efforts in 2012 resulted in a large number of Tampa Bay’s homeless getting off the street through H3 with a meager budget. Furthermore, Mr. Streetman conducted and has published research on teaching homeless individuals problem solving skills using Dr. Rusty Clark’s SODAS methodology, and has presented at conferences on the subject.  

He currently is on the board of two non-profits, one aimed at serving families suffering with developmental disability (A. E. Wood Foundation), and another one aimed at helping homeless veterans (C.E. Streetman Sr. Foundation). He is also a business consultant for CSHC Consulting, LLC, providing guidance on systems, marketing, hiring, and administrative development to businesses. He remains an emeritus member of Full Spectrum ABA, sitting and writing at their Round Table.