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Sunn Consulting, LLC – Nationwide

Donna C. Houchen

Principal Consultant 

(813) 748-1876

Donna’s firm, Sunn Consulting, LLC, helps non-profits become more effective. She provides consulting for non-profit creation, Board Governance, operations, fundraising and other supportive services.  She is available to help those interested in establishing a non-profit to focus on humanitarian activities, coordinate services for those with special needs, or any other creative endeavor. Donna has years of experience in coordinating efforts to match the needs of businesses, individuals, and coalitions with shared visions.


She’s an experienced values-based leader with demonstrated success in all aspects of non-profit work including fundraising activities, managing improved program services, board governance and communications, superior customer service, management and staff support, budgeting and administration, and marketing and public relations with non-profit and Fortune 500 companies.  

Florida Bill Collector - Florida

“Florida Bill Collector gives you everything you need to send a professional demand letter and, if necessary, to file a lawsuit to collect what is owed to you. For a very low price, Florida Bill Collector empowers you to handle your own collections of past due accounts, saving you the expense and hassle of hiring a lawyer to collect. 


Most attorneys charge more than $29.95 upfront to write a demand letter and prepare a lawsuit. Even if you collect the debt, you typically do not get the money back that you spent on your attorney. With small debts, you sometimes cannot even afford to hire a lawyer.


If you use a collection agency, you will probably have to pay the collection agency a percentage of what they recover. You may also have to pay upfront fees, and other fees, to engage a collection agency. Lastly, you will have to come to terms with the reality that the collection agency may not treat your customers, or former customers, in a way you find acceptable. For that reason alone you might decide to find another way to collect.  


With Florida Bill Collector, you only pay $29.95 up front, regardless of what happens. If you can collect relatively easily, as will be the case with a significant percentage of your accounts receivable, you will only have spent $29.95 and a few minutes of time. If you end up needing to file a small claims action to get the debtor’s attention, you have everything you need to do so, along with a complete instruction letter that tells you step-by-step what to do.


Can FBC help me to collect a bill that is more than $5,000.00?

No. Florida Bill Collector can only help you with small claims matters, which are matters with less than $5,000.00 in dispute. If you have a claim that is more than $5,000.00, but want to waive – to forever give up – the amounts you are owed over and above $5,000.00, then you can decide to limit your claim to $5,000.00 and if you did that you could use Florida Bill Collector. Please understand that Florida Bill Collector cannot give you any legal or business advice, or any advice whatsoever, about whether you may wish to limit your claim to the small claims jurisdictional limit of $5,000.

Digital Philosophy lets you command creative minds to spark the essence of visionary design. This resource allows a Boss to put thoughts into action. Employ Digital Philosophy into your Mastermind Group and watch the creative fire burn! Let production skyrocket as your company relinquishes the responsibilities of developing genius content. Dictate the exact vision or let industry specialists invoke the construction of a concept! Motivate members in your company to become "Productive People". Control product timeliness and assure that you're first to market with an idea!


Productive People are those that wake with the idea to innovate. They are changing the world with technology, ideas & philosophy. These people help the world achieve a new status and revolutionize thought. People that are productive learn continuously and use their skills without a focus on accumulating wealth. Generating money is merely a by-product of work ethic and follow through!

Thank you for your interest in Digital Philosophy! We focus on Digital Consulting in the new age, we are creatives that focus on Internet Presence. We provide quality assurance with each idea proposal. Use Internet Presence to propel you into 2020. The Future Is Now!

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