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  • What are the benefits associated with Behave Like A Boss (BLAB) website membership?
    Our Gold BLAB Website Subscription entitles the owner to access all forms and templates, developed by a group of BCBA-D’s, from our massive database for download.
  • Can the forms be changed or altered once downloaded?
    Absolutely, all this formerly proprietary information becomes possession of the subscriber, and all can be altered to fit your own agency’s needs.
  • How long does the membership last?
    Subscriptions to the BLAB website are on an annual basis. Members may cancel their subscription at any time by emailing us at and requesting to do so.
  • Are there new forms updated, ever?"
    Yes, there is constant updating of new documents and forms, and soon we will be adding sections on staff development and other aspects of running a firm.
  • What do I have to do if there is a problem logging in to the site?
    Simply email us at and we will fix the problem immediately.
  • Who do I contact if there is an issue with an item ordered through your store?
    Email us at and we will promptly reply.
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