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Do Not Share Agreement

Memberships are affordable and are designed to easily pay for themselves through explosive practice growth and increased administrative efficiencies.  Freeloading hurts our paying members.


By signing up, you acknowledge that the practice forms and other documents you receive from your BLAB (Behave Like a Boss) membership are provided only to members and are not to be shared with non-members under any circumstances. 


I hereby swear and affirm that I will not at any time, whether during or after my BLAB membership, provide copies of the practice forms and other documents I received from my BLAB membership to any non-member.  I understand that BLAB is relying on my sworn affirmation as a condition precedent to accepting my BLAB membership application and providing me with exclusive access to BLAB's comprehensive practice and administrative forms.


1.04 Integrity (From BACB Ethics Code):

1.         (a)  Behavior Analysts are truthful and honest and arrange the environment to promote truthful and honest behavior in others.


***Please note: As a BLAB member, you are permitted, and encouraged, to modify any forms provided to fit your specific practice, and nothing above prohibits you from utilizing the forms as part of your ABA practice, which is the intention.

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