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Boss of the Month Club!

Are you working with an ABA firm?

Love your boss and want to recognize their efforts and sacrifices?

Tell us about it and they will have a chance to be featured as a Boss of the Month on our website! If your boss is chosen, you both win the prizes!

All Bosses who are chosen will be contacted by us to ensure they and their business would like to be featured on the website. Quality of submission is how winners are chosen; life is not random and neither is this. Let the ABA world know what sets your agency and leadership apart from the herd, and be recognized as innovators in our new and emerging field.

Once a winner is chosen, they will be contacted and notified via email. At that point, they have 48 hours to respond. Once their Boss is notified and permission is granted to recognize the agency leadership, BLAB will connect with the Boss for a brief 5-10 minute Q+A to include as we feature the winners and their agency on our website.


Winning Boss receives a free Behave Like a Boss Gold Membership Plus Subscription for one year

(value $139.99)*

Winning Submission: 

A. $75 Dollar Gift Card         

B. BLAB Gold + Subscription (Value $139.99)


*If winning Boss is already a member of Behave Like A Boss’ subscription program, then they receive a free 30-minute Mastermind consult to help their vision become reality (value $300).

Successful Work Team
Go Team
Nominate your Boss, Today!

Thank you for Nominating your Boss!

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